Do you have any plans to collaborate with Armin van Buuren again, like you did in the early 2000s with ‘Sunspot’ and ‘Slipstream’?
Fan Question

Look at the gap today between Armin van Buuren and I. He wouldn’t gain anything working with someone like me again and neither would I from working with him due to his decision to go down the more commercial route and me sticking to my roots, even going back to the roots of an underground genre.

I am absolutely grateful for the time spent with him 15 years ago. It’s something that even now I remember with high regard, and I highly regard him personally as well. I am so happy to see him successful everywhere, he absolutely deserves it. But let’s face it, the past is past.

He said himself whenever he plays a tune of mine his crowd goes flat (he meant the crowd’s response was below average). Whenever I send him a record, I know in advance he’s not going to support it, and I’m COOL with that. I can’t play his records anymore either, unless he goes back to his roots of long ago, in 1996, when his records were on Cyber (and I bought one of his first records ever, and it still is awesome).

– Airwave

Here’s a picture of my master copy of Airwave Vs. Rising Star – ‘Sunspot’. Only two CDs were burnt,  one for me (Airwave) and one for Armin van Buuren:

Master copy of
Airwave Talks Trance