While I was going to the grocery store on foot here in Brussels, a guy recognised me, and wanted to have a chat:

“Are you Airwave?” “Oooh great” “You’re with Bonzai Music” etc… Then he said “My favorite track of yours is Rank 1…” This guy made my day! 😀

So, let me get this straight for you one more time, just in case you still wondered.

I’m not the Rank 1 duo (Piet Bervoets and Benno De Goeij). I know them, respect them. Beyond that, there’s no link, not even musically. I have zero, nada, nothing to do with them. I have never abused their fame nor their glory as I was there a good year and a half before Rank 1 came with their track ‘Airwave’, and I’ve been constantly working on my own specific sound ever since.

Rank 1 is famous for commercial Dutch Trance while I’ve always been developing a much more Progressive sub-genre, a lot closer to the roots of Trance. I’m afraid these things happen every now and then…

Thanks for taking notice.

– Airwave

Rank 1 – ‘Airwave’

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