I’m really glad with the sound I have had the last few years, and now I can say that I’m very happy to relate to another breed of Trance artists, far, FAR away from what Spotify and Apple Music associated me with. Things on there are slowly but surely changing too…

I keep getting similar messages about me sticking to roots and not going commercial. It sounds so obvious to me even though I’m very thankful. Let me remind you of a few facts of Trade 101.

Just like anybody else on the market I’m trying to sell you something, wherever the income comes from, the idea is to make a living out of it, partly or fully. Because of that, you might think that us artists from a single scene are competing with each other. From there politics are being created and all that blah blah. At the moment it’s all about EDM vs the Underground Techno. LOL. Once again.

I tend to think that being an artist is just like feeding people. You can be a more or less talented cook, trying to feed his family only or you can become a giant in food feeding and become a salesman, sell a universal image, that ultimately puts food on the table of thousands and thousands of people.

Are these the only two options we have? Of course not, even though that is exactly what the modern world wants you to believe. Even those people bashing the EDM world and the techno guys who used to bash Trance for example (and there are MANY).

I see myself as a fine cook, translating his state of mind into his art, cuisine, whatever you call it. The only goal I have when “selling” a product is feed my kids, my family, and a few more people. I’ve never had the intention to become a multinational because the way I make things and the way I run my business are not compatible with a multinational. Just like going to a MacDo you know more or less what you’re going to get with me, and it’s radically different than what one does the MacDo way.

The fact some are going the MacDo way doesn’t mean they need to get bashed. Yes you can blame the top commercial names for making the young generation very stupid in terms of culture, knowledge, whatever. But you have to face the truth, not everything is bad with this kind of global business. The top guns of our industry feed thousands of families with their music, their shows. Families with kids, who will naturally turn to music at some point. And this is where we need to keep the 101 trade rules in mind. The panel of options depending on someone’s taste has to remain VAST, endlessly heterogenic. A little bit of everything.

Personally, I’m just like you all, I like going to fast food restaurants every now and then. I’m not going to the MacDo either because I don’t like it. But I’m happy there’s a MacDo to at least make the comparison between what I like and what I don’t. And the same applies about the music, the movies I like.

That’s the main reason why I’m sincerely praising successful people. I hate DVLM’s music bit time, it’s everything I detest the most, BUT they feed thousands of people with a positive message sent to the biggest possible crowd. It’s just fantastic.

Just because someone else did it, even someone I used to be friends with in the past and with whom I shared similar musical tastes, doesn’t mean I have to turn my back on the positive aspect of their success. They just do something different than what I’m doing today.

I’m still the guy running ops in the kitchen where they’re running the board of directors. And as I see myself as a very distinct personality, running a SMALL business, I will never be able to employ dozens of people on my own either. I’ve chosen that path years ago. No regrets, it’s a part of my identity. It’s a solid path though. Almost two decades and still there, while some Multinationals can sometimes be on the verge of collapsing every now and then. But I digress…

All I need you to hear after all is that I’m proud to be part of the musical middle class today, with ups and downs just like any other business.

Your food has never been either black or white, liquid or solid. There’s a bit of everything for anyone. You’re all unique, and this is why I love everything this planet has to offer. Remember that!

Take care my friends

– Airwave

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