It’s 5am, I can’t sleep anymore. I’ve always regarded sleep as a waste of time, just like fatigue is a breaker to me. I guess that we all have to sleep at times and I wish I could say I’ll sleep when I’ll be dead.

The last few weeks have been the most exciting ones in my life. You have probably noticed that I’ve been a bit less communicative the last few days, and I have good reasons. The fact is that my passion is completely eating me up and nothing is more enjoyable than this feeling when immersion into your art completely has you forgetting the outside world. In fact I’ve been studying. A lot. I guess that I needed to understand how I work.

While I completely enjoy performing for you guys, for me nothing is more exciting than music creation. The moment you start something, the alchemy happening and the moment you finish something you’re very proud of. Performing and playing you my creation for the first time, is another of my guilty pleasures! My passion has no limits, it’s even become scary for my beloved ones.

But I fully plead guilty. They understand me. The older I get the better my view on a world without my existence becomes. I think I spent my first twenty years as a musician wasting my time. When someone like me wants to create something a bit serious, life, kids, other matters make it more and more difficult over the years. So I need to keep distant. This is how we grow up, how we evolve. Because we realise at some point that one day we won’t be able to create anymore and the only thing there will be left is what we created. And we want that part to be remembered forever as a strong something.

I promised myself on top of that to do less collaborations for the same reason. I don’t want to be remembered for my collaborations with superstar DJs because they got huge while I didn’t. I want to keep collaborating with true musicians who understand the way I live rather than with people obsessed with gigs, releases, press and the like.

I’m a touring DJ, and I am really happy with what I have achieved. But my musical goals are somehow never playing in the same league, always pushing me forward. I’m a man of challenges. When you see a mountain or wall ahead, a person like me sees the way to get through it and move on. I’m 99% a musician and 1% a DJ.

So you understand a bit more about my everyday life today. I’m the happiest man on earth, and beauty around me is my richness. I’m truly living the spring of my life, and I’m glad I got it.

Thanks for everything you’re bringing. Keep being awesome. Hugs.

– Airwave

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