As you may have heard, I finished (producing) a new record last week. To be entirely honest with you, making this one was a true PiTA! I’ve never faced a block like this and felt full of doubt from start to finish. I realised at some point that it was due to several factors that influenced my workflow in a very dramatic way. Several tracks are indeed on the way, but I felt exactly the same doubt each and every single time I was working on them. This is because I’ve done things in a way that is too much time consuming while the level of complexity of the latest music I’ve made has been raised a bit.

So I had to hit pause a bit on productions the last few months and focus on something I thought I’d never EVER do in my life: a production template. You might be surprised to hear that until recently each production of mine was made from a totally blank page, no presets, no setup, nothing. I had my reasons not to make such template in the past, first one being that I wanted to do the gym of designing many of my sounds from scratch, whatever the synth. Nowadays I’m facing a huge time-management issue because of this habit, and… partly because I’m a divorcee in charge of his kids several days a week, I admit. I want to keep being a good parent without sacrificing my artist life.

So, it took me a while gathering the right tools that suit my creative self. But it’s finally happened. I’m now working in this template that lets me create music a bit faster without sacrificing the ability to design my sounds quickly. This is what took me so much of my time lately. Over the past few weeks I’ve learned so much too about my DAW of choice, which is funny, as I should know it by heart after almost 20 years using it. You know how much I like movie scores, what I did is adapt the way template for movie composers are made so it suits my everyday needs, including electronic productions. I had to show what I had done to John 00 a few days ago, and it even impressed me while I was doing the demo.

From there, it should be very easy making a lot of tracks for you all. There’s something in the oven, but as it’s next to “non-existent” right now and waaaay too early, I’d rather not talk about it. Just want to let you know that I released Trilogique a decade ago, and what I’m working on right now will demand me as much work if not much more. Will it be as good for you? No idea, no guarantee. To be honest, I’d rather not think about that. I could have been lazy and release a half-cooked compilation of my latest tracks of the last 2 years, make a few collaborations with top guys, add a 2016 version of a classic of mine and make it an album… I can tell you that the truth is far away from that. Were my biggest tracks collaborations with top DJs? No, I had to go back to where it all started for any single musician on this planet. You play your instrument, make it your own, show it to an audience, end of story.

The same way you see me working now on this music, I tend to stay away from the media, and social networking about the scene I’m into as often as I can. I don’t need those to influence me too much. One thing is sure my friends, I’ve never been so determined as I am today to deliver you the very best of myself. Commercial success is for me less important and personal satisfaction of doing something you and I will like equally, well that’s what I hope.

This new single I’ve just finished will be out soon my friends, catch me at a club nearby where I’ll play it for sure. And I hope you will like it as much as it hurt me making it.

– Airwave

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