About Tim Turner

Editor of TranceFixxed, Freelance Music Journalist and Project / Program Manager, based in South Wales (UK). Trance and Progressive music lover for over 15 years, with a passion for discussing music. Listens to all types of Electronic music whenever possible and would love to hear Live Trance Music more often. Persuaded long suffering wife to allow chilled versions of Trance classics to be played at their wedding. On a mission to introduce (toddler age) son to Trance music, but without success so far...

Extended Sets


For John, becoming a DJ was a natural progression from being a music collector. Extended sets are his specialty which he intends to do more of in 2018, starting in London in February.

Extended Sets2018-01-03T22:10:55+01:00

The Power of Music


Following the recent passing of Robert Miles, John shares the meaning of 'Children' and the power of music with meaning.

The Power of Music2018-01-05T07:07:42+01:00