About Tim Turner

Editor of TranceFixxed, Freelance Music Journalist and Project / Program Manager, based in South Wales (UK). Trance and Progressive music lover for over 15 years, with a passion for discussing music. Listens to all types of Electronic music whenever possible and would love to hear Live Trance Music more often. Persuaded long suffering wife to allow chilled versions of Trance classics to be played at their wedding. On a mission to introduce (toddler age) son to Trance music, but without success so far...

The Forgotten Role of a DJ


The differences between Producer and DJ have become blurred. John explains how an authentic DJ still has an important role to play.

The Forgotten Role of a DJ2018-01-04T21:34:18+01:00

The Thrillseekers – Why Not?!


Free MP3 Download of The Thrillseekers - Why Not?! as played by Armin van Buuren on ASOT 798, by Aly & Fila on FSOE 477, Paul van Dyk on mutiple VONYC Sessions and many more

The Thrillseekers – Why Not?!2018-01-31T22:56:01+01:00

Trance: 2 Very Different Parallel Worlds


John shares his detailed thoughts on how the historical evolution of Trance has resulted in the parallel underground and commercial worlds which need each other to thrive.

Trance: 2 Very Different Parallel Worlds2018-01-01T23:29:42+01:00

Set Times


A self-important culture has led to the length of sets become a badge of honour, to the detriment of the flow of the entertainment. Thankfully, some events and promoters are fighting back.

Set Times2018-01-01T22:19:35+01:00

JOOF Recordings – 18 Years


John looks back at 18 years of JOOF Recordings and how Marnik from Bonzai stopped John from closing the label 10 years ago

JOOF Recordings – 18 Years2018-01-01T22:05:01+01:00

Sound Control


High quality soundsystems such as at The Ministry of Sound have been in the minority at clubs until recently. John explains why DJ rider for better soundsystems benefits everyone.

Sound Control2018-01-01T21:44:41+01:00

Cropper – Quex


Free MP3 Download of 'Quex' a new Breakbeat track by London based producer Cropper.

Cropper – Quex2017-08-25T17:30:13+01:00