Bright Lines as it’s name suggests is the complete opposite of it’s dancefloor partner, ‘Dark Lines‘. Still it’s almost impossible to entirely dissociate it. The reason for that is simple to explain. Bright Lines is as much as Dark Lines part of a Story, that started out with those intricate soundscapes, those non-dancefloor tracks, and the need for Laurent aka Airwave, to explore unexplored territories for him.

For that purpose, Airwave decided to collaborate with many artists known for their passion about electronic music: DJs, electronic freaks, turntablists, respected producers, trance vocalists, and lyricists with a passion for dance…

An improbable 15-tracker that will not leave you cold, a good example of what to do in the digital era, rejecting boundaries of styles and genres, habits. Most obvious while listening to Bright Lines is the omnipresence of a specific 90’s sound prior to the emergence of format into electronic music. And finally, extra bits of life and humanity were purposely put in those 15 pieces of music that took in total almost 3 years to complete.

For sure, Bright Lines will be a ‘Love / Hate’ thing for many, but its humanity and its imperfection will finally reveal it’s true essence. Simple music that doesn’t cheat.

A true piece of music made by true and down to earth people. Ladies and Gentlemen, here’s ‘Bright Lines’:

01. Airwave – Hello World (Album Version)

Bright Lines’ opener is one of the first sketches and took about 11 months to achieve completion. An example on how to break the number one rule in dance music: 4/4. A perfect summary of everything that’s present in ‘Bright Lines’.


02. Airwave feat. R1 – Big City Spleen

R1 (real name Erwan Masson) is a fantastic Techno and House DJ from Reims, France, who happens to improvise saxophone riffs on top of his sets. Erwan’s soul was very present during the first recordings so it’s very natural too see him perform a little bit of sax on this simple yet very effective piece without drums. We hear the soul of a classic Sci-fi movie from the 80’s for sure in there. One of Airwave’s biggest influences too.

Tiff Lacey

03. Airwave feat. Tiff Lacey – Slipping

The track was finished a long time ago, but it took Laurent about a year to find the right vocalist to work on it. It’s melange of gothic and techno beats surrounded by Tiff’s melancholic and very dry vocals alongside cinematic soundscapes guaranteed for an epic journey that will see images flow through your mind. Very dark and melancholic images, though.

04. Airwave – One Way Ticket

What would have happened if Trance ran at 105 bpm? Smooth soundscapes, amazing African chants supported by a great string arrangement. This is music as it was supposed to sound in Laurent’s mind back in the early 90s. The delicate sound of Hang drums won’t leave you indifferent either.

Nath N Style

05. Airwave – One Nation (Lyrics by Nath N Style)

‘One Nation’ is the result of a collaboration between Laurent and Nath N Style, a Belgian songwriter who is passionate about Dance music. One Nation needed a bunch of great lyrics and Laurent wanted to dissociate himself a little bit from the writing process in order to focus on the other details of this pop-ish tune that starts with a string quartet and slowly evolves into an improbable marriage of Underworld-ish vocals with a Coldplay style arrangement. That’s where Nath N Style got into action, perfectly analyzing the mood and the needs of the artist. Laurent got the vocals back, grabbed his vocal pedal, and sang One Nation in only two takes.

DJ Odilon

06. Airwave feat. DJ Odilon – Goodevil

Laurent and Odilon met when working as a teacher at a DJ School in Brussels. Odilon is a World-Class Turntablist with an amazing background in terms of music. Goodevil takes all of it’s meaning when played live by the pair of artists, but this studio version samples the energy of Odilon’s flawless scratches on top of an impossible combo of electronica, new age, lounge and dubstep beats.

John 00 Fleming

07. Airwave Vs. John 00 Fleming – United 93 (Album Version)

‘United 93’ was Laurent and John’s first collaboration on their respective albums. Probably the fastest work, just a good 10 hours in total. The result is what you already heard on John’s last album to date, ‘Nine Lives’, a dedication to the victims of this less known event from 9/11. Way out West lines all the way, and they both assume it.


08. Airwave feat. Torley – Entheogen

Probably the most incredible collaboration on the album. Torley’s an amazing person, a truly generous person with a passion for everything that makes us human. You may have seen him on his regular YouTube channel a few years ago, and you might have stumbled upon his avatar on Second Life. Laurent back in 2010 went through a difficult period in life, and Torley’s frequent Video Blogs on his Social networks helped him a lot having a better sight on life in general. This collaboration called ‘Entheogen’ is the fruit of this mutual respect. Absolutely not what you’d expect from Airwave, something that would be great sounding if played live on 2 separate pianos. This studio version shows a lot of past influences for both guys. Yes a ¾ ballad… Shocking, we know!

Hadass Pal Yarden

09. Airwave feat. Hadass Pal-Yarden – The Long Road To Freedom

What started as a simple filler or let’s say “less important track” ended up being a complete musical monster that took months to create. Laurent wanted to make something in a 7/8 time signature for a change, and this materialised as liquid D&B which slowly evolves into cinematic music. While creating the track Laurent stumbled upon Hadass’ vocals, used them as they were, and asked her to co-sign the track as her personality determines the turning point of this track.

Avatar One

10. Airwave & Avatar One – Chase Childhood Monsters

What started out as a quite cool-sounding Breaks track ended up in a genre of its own. Probably one of the big smashers on Bright Lines, courtesy of Avatar One, a great musician and producer from the UK. Avatar One simply gave the needed input and layers to the track that formed the firestarter of Chase Childhood Monsters. If you wonder about the title, it’s quite autobiographic and for sure the most personal track from Laurent on there, although it’s a collaboration. How to finally put an end to your fears from the past by making music quite sums it up. Black as hell but also shows a way paved of optimism and strength. For sure a track that the listener will never ever forget.

Santiago Nino

11. Airwave & Santiago Nino – Metropoli Sunrise

From a collaboration of two producers known for their dancefloor-friendly records, ‘Metropoli Sunrise’ is possibly surprisingly the combination of ambient soundscapes; trashy and distorted leads, smooth beats and a surprise guest sampled by Laurent. ‘Metropoli Sunrise’ is puts into music the sight of the early morning, the TV noise, the speedy way of life, of a futuristic but healthy city full of skyscrapers. If you like the images of a futuristic life such as those found in movies like AI, The Fifth Element, or Minority Report, you’ll love Metropoli Sunrise.

12. Airwave – Escapades On A Lawnmower

Back to the real world, or how to score something that is as boring as it’s a requirement for many for 6 months in a year: mowing the lawn. Laurent had a big yard to take care of, so, many ideas just came to life, all present into this surprising piece of music that remains unclassified so far…

13. Airwave – The Sum Of All Questions

Laurent had always had a passion for good and soulful new age music, and wanted to have a new try at it himself. ‘The Sum Of All Questions’ marries again the bold and the beautiful, the dirty and the clean, going this time a little bit further than the habits of the style. You’ll love it too!


14. Airwave feat. Di – Ten Years

Di (Aeriah) is not only the A&R of Adromeda and Elliptical Recordings, she is also an incredible vocalist. Laurent heard her vocals while browsing her promo pools and instantly knew that the two had to make something together. Di kindly accepted. ‘Ten Years’ took in fact ten months to reach completion. Starting as a country ballad, before adopting harder pounding slo-mo beats, then going for Progressive House before finishing into a climax of pop-rock lava. The explanation is all in the lyrics: “Will you remember us in ten years?” One thing is sure, those two will remember this fusion of genres and this unique collaboration forever.

15. Airwave – While Elly Sleeps

… or ‘How to have your kids do the job for you’. Everything you hear in the closing track is part of Laurent’s girls’ everyday life, from the rhythm of the escalator, the sound of their favorite cartoon of the day, to the noise of the buses they take, those sounds were recorded on the fly and then manipulated as musical instruments.

We truly hope you will enjoy Bright Lines as much as Laurent and his friends had fun making it.

Airwave – ‘Bright Lines’

Airwave - Bright Lines
Released:29th October 2012
Genres:Trance / Progressive /
Breaks / Downtempo
Label:JOOF Recordings
Catalog No:JOOF131
01.Airwave – Hello World (Album Version)10:28
02.Airwave feat. R1 – Big City Spleen04:17
03.Airwave feat. Tiff Lacey – Slipping08:01
04.Airwave – One Way Ticket07:22
05.Airwave – One Nation07:12
06.Airwave feat. DJ Odilon – Goodevil05:40
07.Airwave Vs. John 00 Fleming – United 93 (Album Version)06:39
08.Airwave feat. Torley – Entheogen06:24
09.Airwave feat. Hadass Pal-Yarden – The Long Road To Freedom07:00
10.Airwave & Avatar One – Chase Childhood Monsters07:42
11.Airwave & Santiago Nino – Metropoli Sunrise08:18
12.Airwave – Escapades On A Lawnmower07:05
13.Airwave – The Sum Of All Questions06:12
14.Airwave feat. Di – Ten Years08:10
15.Airwave – While Elly Sleeps05:20