Jaytech - Awakening Album Art

I want to give you a bit of a backstory to my new album ‘Awakening’. It’s been three years in the making and has undergone quite a transformation along the way.

With an original working title of ‘Future Epic’, this album actually began as a storyboard of visual art depicting futuristic cities (pictured) that I found in various places around the Internet. Having announced my musical existence with ‘Everything is OK’” and expanded my horizons with ‘Multiverse’, I wanted album ‘Number Three’ to have its foundations in the telling of a story; namely, the story of a bright future which I believe we are headed for.

As you may already know, my music’s core theme is a message of positivity mixed with a Sci-fi influence. I grew up entranced by cool stuff like Star Trek (we used to hire each new episode from our local video store as it was released), and the novels of Isaac Asimov – actually, my label ‘Positronic‘ is named after the positronic brain, a fictional term coined by Asimov meaning “the brain of a thinking android”. It is predicted that the thinking power of machines will surpass our own cognitive abilities some time in the next few decades (there’s an excellent “Wait But Why” post about that here: http://bit.ly/1L3HONu) and we are likely headed for a future where things will change more dramatically than we can imagine.

Nobody can say for sure if machines will really “come alive” like HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey or Star Trek’s Data, but one thing is certain: we are on a path to becoming exponentially more complex through merging with technology. It is my belief that the huge struggles and challenges we face in this world will slowly unravel as we engineer them out of our society. You see this happening already with the forming of a global mindset as more and more territories get better access to the internet. People are becoming more advanced, and once they cross a certain threshold they begin to master themselves, resolving their issues and become a positive force on the world, now that they can see more clearly why it’s important to do so.

For me, ‘Awakening’ began as an external story that ultimately transformed into a personal journey, an unraveling of many things that stood in my way and the challenging nature of self-improvement. During its creation, we very much hit a tipping point in our scene as well, with the North American EDM boom changing the very nature of music and how it is consumed. We saw the music sales market fall on very hard times, with an increasingly widening gap between big-time and small-time artists – a situation that is now improving thanks to the strengthening of streaming technologies and independent labels.

The album’s creation process also shone a spotlight on what I needed to improve to become the world-class record producer I strive to be. It made me realise the importance of getting the sound right in your studio, of attention to detail, of giving your record the space to grow so it translates and resonates with fans in the same way that it does with you. It’s put me in a position to go and write the music I want, and it’s filled me with a newfound inspiration to go and do just that. Over the next year I look forward to streamlining the Jaytech sound and focusing on the club-driven melodic progressive sound it’s known for, as well as branching out with completely new sounds under different side projects. The future is looking bright.

Thank you for listening

– Jaytech

Jaytech – ‘Awakening’

Jaytech - Awakening
Released:25th  November 2015
Genres:Trance / Progressive /
Breaks / Downtempo
Label:Positronic Digital
Catalog No:POSD012
01.Jaytech feat. Jhana – Tiny Love04:03
02.Jaytech – Flight Of The Navigator04:45
03.Jaytech – Future Story05:15
04.Jaytech with Judah feat. Kailin – Visions04:22
05.Jaytech – Love In India05:55
06.Jaytech – Odyssey04:38
07.Jaytech with The Bengsons – My Heart Goes Out03:42
08.Jaytech – Awakening06:49
09.Jaytech feat. Nathan Grainger – Pictures05:08
10.Jaytech – Yugen04:50
11.Jaytech – Darkscape04:31