Behind The Lyric – Episode 35

Behind The Lyric - Episode 35

Episode 35 features exclusive interviews with: Jan Johnston, Marcie Joy, Viktoria Station, Brooke Forman, Allie Crystal, and Darianna Everett.

Episode 35 Tracklist

01. BT feat. Jan Johnston – Lullaby For Gaia (Original Mix)
02. Jan Johnston meets Tenishia – Flesh (Original Mix)
03. Dr. K & Nii vs. Shiha feat. Jan Johnston – Dangerous (Original Mix)
04. Physical Phase feat. Viktoria Station – Poisoned (Original Mix)
05. Viktoria Station – I’m In Heaven
06. Martech & Marcie – Mistakes Are Useful (Original Mix)
07. Bozon Higgs feat. Marcie – Ghost Survives (Original Mix)
08. Eco feat. Brooke Forman – Liberation (Original Mix)
09. Brooke Forman – Paper Planes
10. Gazzo feat. Allie Crystal – Shine Like This (Original Mix)
11. Cherokee feat. Darianna Everett – Don’t Matter (FKJ Remix)
12. Darius – Hot Hands


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