Behind The Lyric – Episode 36

Behind The Lyric - Episode 36

Episode 36 is celebrating its global reach with a special #TranceFamily tribute episode featuring exclusive interviews with: Matt Cerf, Juliet Lyons, Marcie Joy, Adara, #TranceFamily’s Jason LaFauci, Laces, SupaPhreshh, and David Thomas Junior.

Episode 36 Tracklist

01. Mindbody & AxelPolo feat. Fenja- Pure Gold (Original Mix)
02. Kris Maydak & Juliet Lyons – Hand Over My Heart (Matt Chowski Radio Edit)
03. Constantine P. feat. Marcie Joy – Kamekazi Phoenix (Original Mix)
04. Shogun feat. Adara – Dragon (Original Mix)
05. Adara – Turn The World
06. Shan Nash – Sriracha (Original Mix)
07. Laces – Enemy (Original Mix)
08. Laces – Liv It Up (Original Mix)
09. Bozon Higgs feat. Marcie – If I Choose You
10. SupaPhreshh – Mirrored City (Original Mix)
11. SupaPhreshh – Breakin Me Down (Original Mix)
12. Melleefresh & Marcie Vs. Spekrfreks – On Fire (Original Mix)
13. David Thomas Junior – Lost At Sea (original Mix)
14. David Thomas Junior – Our Time Will Come Again (Original Mix)


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