Fire & Ice - Souvenir de Chine (Tyas Rework)

If you only listen to 1 track we’ve shared over the last 10 days, make it this one. This is pure melody-driven, synth-soaring, soul-bursting, atmospheric, anthemic Trance. This is ‘Souvenir de Chine’. This is a thing of beauty…

Described by Sean Tyas as: “Once upon a time, easily one of the best Trance songs ever” Fire & Ice ‎- ‘Souvenir De Chine’ is a Trance classic. First released on vinyl in 2001 and later included on the 2005 album ‘A New Beginning’, ‘Souvenir De Chine’ was arguably the peak of Laurent Véronnez (Airwave) and Jurgen Leyers (DJ Fire)’s collaboration under their ‘Fire & Ice’ alias.

Sean Tyas reworked the original in 2011 so he could play it in some of his sets and then self-released his version as a free download for a limited time via SoundCloud in 2013. We have just added a new download link, so have a listen and get your free copy now!


Released:May 2013
Label:None (Self published on SoundCloud)

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