Kelly Andrew - Julietta

Accomplished musician and composer Kelly Andrew from Denver, USA has always stood out from the crowd. His classical music background has given him an ear for a great melody and this is reflected in his many productions including one of his early releases, ‘Julietta.’

Created in 2009 and premiered on Aly & Fila’s Future Sound of Egypt radioshow, ‘Julietta’ was initially rejected by the record label because it “wasn’t playable indoors.” Reworked slightly, ‘Julietta’ was later released by Ask4 Records in 2010 along with remixes by Suncatcher and SoundLift. The ‘original’ (or alternate) version was never officially released.

In 2011, Kelly self-released this ‘Alternate Club Mix’ (ie. original) version of ‘Julietta’ on his Soundcloud page for his fans, which you can listen to and download for free below:


Published:June 2011
Label:None (Self published on SoundCloud)

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As Featured In

Future Sound Of Egypt

Aly & Fila – Future Sound of Egypt 078


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