TranceFixxed: Hi Scott. It’s great to meet you. At the end of last year, you launched a new record label ‘RΞBOOTΞD’. Firstly, is there any significance in why you chose the name ‘RΞBOOTΞD’?

Scott: Great to meet you too. Founding a label was a central part of the plan. I coined the term ‘RΞBOOTΞD’ because I believe that it can be best defined as “the act of starting over and rediscovery with the ultimate goal to surpass all perceived benchmarks or expectations”.

RΞBOOTΞD sets clear, defined targets of where Trance, as a genre is at now and where it wants to be. In other words, it’s a brand for a track, a remix, an album, an event and a record label but also a direction that we can all choose to follow. We’re open to signing whatever packs and erupts the dance-floor, but just to be clear, it has to be proper Trance music.

TranceFixxed: What should fans expect from releases on RΞBOOTΞD?

Scott: I want fans to anticipate every release on RΞBOOTΞD. My priority is total quality above quantity. We have exceptionally high standards with regards to output on RΞBOOTΞD and we don’t want to release thousands of sub-standard tracks. It is important that fans know that when we are putting out a track, it will be sensational! I want to work with a select few hand-picked artists, develop them and of course release my own material and ultimately, I would love the fans to put their trust in RΞBOOTΞD.

TranceFixxed: The second release on RΞBOOTΞD is your new collaboration ‘Airfoil‘ with Marc Mitchell, which was released on 29th September. What was Marc like to work with?

Scott: I have known Marc since the early days of my DJing career. We were both signed to Stress Records back in the day and first met there. Whenever I had a gig in Jersey, I would always make time to pop by his studio to catch up. In the end, we decided to make a track together and ‘Scott Bond & Marc Mitchell – Airfoil‘ was the finished product.

TranceFixxed: We ran a competition recently, which you kindly assisted with, to give away a 1 year subscription to the RΞBOOTΞD promo mailing list. As we’ve been asking fans for their favourite remix of ‘Airfoil’, do you have a favourite?

Scott: Naturally, I’m sure that everybody would expect me to say my REBOOTED Remix but to be perfectly honest, it’s impossible to choose as each of those remixes went through rigorous quality control. It’s safe to say that I love them all for a variety of different reasons.

TranceFixxed: Ian Standerwick is another British producer and DJ who is quickly establishing himself in the Trance elite, and his remix of ‘Airfoil’ has received airplay on ASOT and FSOE already. Is there any other rising British talent, producers or DJs, that you would recommend that we listen out for?

Scott: There’s a fair number of recommendations that I could give but for now I would have to say my studio partner, “Charlie Walker” for all productions moving forward. We first met when he came to one of my gigs and from then on, he started sending me some of his material. It then naturally progressed from there to a point where I was developing his work and he was collaborating on tracks with me. We have now produced and remixed several tracks together as well as few bootlegs. Our Armin championed ‘John Lennon – Imagine (REBOOTED Remix)’ was one of the highlights to his set at Creamfields this year as well as being regularly featured on his Armin Only – Intense Tour. All I can say is expect to see more from Charlie and I as well as some original Charlie Walker productions on RΞBOOTΞD soon.

TranceFixxed: As the co-founder of Gatecrasher, you must have a gained a lot of satisfaction and happy memories from your acclaimed long-standing residency at the club?

Scott: There will always be fond memories with my Sheffield residency at Gatecrasher which positioned me in front of some of the greatest DJs in the world. No doubt, riding the crest of that wave through global tours for a good decade was fun to say the least as well as compiling and mixing the highly successful Gatecrasher compilation series.

TranceFixxed: Is there a stand-out event that you have performed at which was special to you for any reason?

Scott: It would have to be the Octopus Club in Tel Aviv. It was an open air venue complete with chill out room and thousands of Trance music fans dancing while the waves on the beach came crashing down. In short, absolute bliss!

TranceFixxed: What else can fans expect from you in 2014?

Scott: I’m currently working on the eagerly awaited fifth edition to my RΞBOOTΞD series. If you are not familiar with them, you can hear them on my Soundcloud, Mixcloud and Youtube pages. RΞBOOTΞD Vol.05 is the next exciting instalment which will ensure an exciting, action-packed 3 hour adventure that you won’t forget. My aim with each mix is to leave a lasting impression and take the listener on a well-deserved journey. I will also be focusing on more productions and remixes for RΞBOOTΞD and am currently in talks for a Canada and Australian tour.

TranceFixxed: Thank you very much for your time.

Scott: My pleasure, thanks for taking the time to interview me.