Tomorrowland EDM Antics

The whole world is talking about what David Guetta and Steve Aoki got up to at Tomorrowland, and now you’re probably expecting the rest of this blog to be a rant, but it won’t be. As most of you know my blips of frustration are from a decade ago, I have a far more positive outlook these days. It’s an easy cheap swipe to criticize what these DJs played, but take a look at the crowd, we don’t see thousands of disgruntled clubbers clearing the dance floor, we see them enjoying that magic moment performed by guys who are great entertainers. After all that’s what they paid to see. It’s quite easy, if you don’t like what you’re hearing, go ahead to another stage that suits you musically. If you don’t like what you’re seeing or listening to on Youtube, then click away.

Though I personally don’t enjoy the music they play, or the fun antics they perform, we need guys like this. I see parallels to the historic rave days in the late 80’s early 90’s. Yes those iconic days that triggered the electronic scene that we know today. For those who weren’t old enough, we had such acts doing exactly the same thing back then, chipmunk vocals, sampling children’s cartoons, the band The Prodigy started their career using cartoon samples. We need guys like this because the more this happens it creates a new wave of festivals and clubs that want to distance themselves away from the commercial world. They concentrate on providing a more serious musical experience booking acts that suit. It becomes a natural filter for likewise music lovers that no longer feel comfortable in the commercial world.

That’s exactly what happened in the early 90’s, people tired of the rave antics and we saw credible underground clubs being born along with exciting new genres of music. A new movement.

Around these stories you always get plenty of people taking those cheap swipes, but as per in the early 90’s, what I admire more are the people that take action, get their heads down and do something about it, starting new club nights, festivals, producing forward thinking music and doing something positive for the underground scene. It really is that simple, convert that ranting energy into something that you do like.

– John ’00’ Fleming

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