Group of Fans

On 31st May 2014, the first ever Together Festival was held at the the Carmarthen Showground. The festival was Wales’ biggest multi-genre music event of the year, and was widely hailed as a success.

Here is a representative selection of the feedback about the event, in your words:


What did you think of the festival?

” Fantastic work by everyone and we all had an amazing experience. Everyone was so helpful we had a fantastic day. Cngratulations guys on making a difference on the dance scene in Wales for so many music and festival lovers ” – Donna Phillips

” Well done to everyone involved in this event, well worth the trip down from north of Scotland. See you all next year ” – Malcolm MadDog Cowie

Rhys Thomas & Lange

What did the artists think of the festival?

Unwanted Kiss

Any suggestions for what could be improved for next year?

” £4 a can was expensive… Need more toilets… Other than that, fantastic 1st festival. Look forward to many more! ” – Katie Walters


” Loved the event!! But unfortunately, the camping was a horrific experience ” – Ed Clark


” Good day/night but one criticism VIP was poor, expected there to be better drink options, something a bit classier and there were no hot tubs?? Otherwise good. ” – Hannah Collins


” Oh my word…. we had such an amazing time!! Dirty Knees tent was the best for me, I stomped for hours!! I would like to see more toilets and an indoor seating area next year… It got cold after it went dark and only 2 small outdoor seating areas were not enough. ” – Ceri Hind

Group of Fans

What was different about the Together Festival?

” I was personally very happy, the negatives are well documented above (and burns set being cut was bad form). However, serious positives too. I thought that you had a great first line up for the initial festival size, atmosphere was good, bouncers were good (not always the case at dance festivals in my opinion) – #togetherfest2015 … I shall be there! ” – Dazza Williams


” Firstly guys, well done on your first festival. Together fest really did tick all the boxes for me and the general feedback from many of my friends has been positive. The vibe/atmosphere was better than at some of the bigger dance festivals. I thought the ticket pricing was on the money, lets be honest if people bought tickets well in advance they were priced at £17.50 + booking fee. Even through the second phase of selling they were well priced and with the current financial hardship facing people I think Together fest need to give themselves a pat on the back as some other events would have taken advantage of the opportunity to cash in. Well done and stroll on 2015!! ” – Lyn Carter


Group of Fans

Do you intend to come back next year?

” I think that the festival was amazing! The best bit was Bionic stage seeing activator/ Technoboy and Atmosfears. I would 100% recommend it to a friend and depending on who will be there next year, I would like to come back for the Bionic stage.” – Jordan Lewis

” For the first festival you guys put together, I think (that) it was really good; it was a lovely day! I would definitely go to another one – hopefully you will do another one in 2015, as I for one will definitely be there ” – Rachel Roberts



How would you sum up the festival?

” A gathering of like minded people, all there for the love of good music, spending precious time with friends and all the banter that goes with it. A nice intimate small festival that places like Global (Gathring) and Creamfields lost a long time ago pretty much sums it up from where I was dancing ” – Ben Saunders


” Great effort for the first attempt. Obviously there are some issues to iron out (for future events) but personally I feel it was a great day for the Welsh music scene. I never witnessed any trouble which is a first at a festival. Hope you guys do it again next year! ” – Kev DjPikey

Festival Rides



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Cover Picture Source – Carmarthen Journal
Rhys Thomas & Lange Picture Source – Photo Kandi
‘Unwanted Kiss’ Picture Source – Photo Kandi
‘Journey Group’ Picture Source – Greg Birtwistle
‘Girls outside tent’ Picture Source – Keith Davenport
TepeeTV Group Picture Source – Donna Phillips
Festival Rides Picture Source – Tim Turner



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