Black Hole Recordings Pop Up Store

Black Hole Recordings Launches Pop-Up Store

Black Hole Recordings have recently launched a new digital pop-up store where you can pay with a tweet.

For a limited period until 10th December, tracks, ringtones and wallpapers of top artists such as Ferry Corsten, Tiësto, Richard Durand and New World Punx are available to ‘purchase’. By simply following @Blackholerec on Twitter and sending a tweet with hashtag #paywithatweet, Black Hole will send you your purchase in a direct message that you can download for free.

So why have Black Hole chosen to pilot this unusual ‘payment by tweet’ concept pop-up store? New Media Manager Bas Kruijssen spoke to TranceFixxed and explains:

“Paying with a tweet is a low threshold for customers to buy a product. Therefore it can be used for so called ‘sampling’: giving new customers a free sample of your products. In our case, music. We have chosen Twitter because of our good relationship with Twitter. Also, for customers, Twitter is a perfect medium to consume digital products.”

One of the advantages of a small pilot such as this is flexibility, and Bas also confirmed that additional content to ‘purchase’ will be added to the store on Monday (17th November) by Bobina, Andy Moor and Robbie Rivera in a higher quality bitrate.

Black Hole are the first record company to experiment with this concept, so other companies are sure to be watching the results with a keen interest. If successful, we could see other similar copycat stores appearing which would be an interesting development for consumers. Bas advised that Black Hole plans to “continue expanding in the field of digital distribution” so we may see further experimental stores from them in the New Year.

In the meantime, check out the pop-up store and let us know your thoughts in the Comments section below or on our Facebook page.


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