On 3rd July, Christina Novelli and Neptune Project performed at Mezzanine, San Francisco. After the show they were both walking back to the hotel with a few other people when they saw an adult male lying motionless on the concrete sidewalk.

Not knowing what had happened to him, they were concerned for his safety and helped him up to a sitting position. Christina was very attentive, asking him lots of questions. It took about 5 minutes before he was lucid enough to be able to say his name.

The first words he asked Christina were “Are you Christina Novelli?” to which she simply replied “Yes” and smiled.

Dan Willis from Neptune Project recalls “all of us were very blown away by this moment.

He later told Christina he was a big fan, and had seen her a few times last year but hadn’t been able to make the show that evening,

Christina insisted that the group continued to the hotel and said that she would follow afterwards as she wanted to stay with him to make sure he was OK. As his condition appeared to be improving, the group departed leaving Christina and her manager with her unwell fan.

An hour later Christina rejoined the group with the person they they had found on the floor, who was now feeling much better and was wearing clean clothes. Apparently Christina had got him a shower, given him the clothes he was wearing, and had found somewhere for him to sleep for the night.

The following morning, Christina withdrew some money from the ATM and gave it to him to make sure he got home safely to where he needed to go.

Dan Wills said afterwards: “It is very, very, very rare that I see such amazing acts of kindness in this world and I am extremely honoured to know Christina and call her a friend. If more people had the attitude and heart that she has this world would be a much better place to live.

The reaction on social media since Dan shared the story has been overwhelmingly supportive and full of praise for her selfless act of kindness.

We agree with Alexis Macey on Facebook who wrote: “What an awesome thing to do for someone, and I bet it made his day actually meeting one of his idols! Humanity isn’t lost when people actually take the time out to help someone in need.

Gareth Emery feat. Christina Novelli – Concrete Angel

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