100 Year History of the Evolution of Dance Music in 20 Seconds!

Dance Music Eolution (Extract)

History of the Evolution of Dance Music

All genres of music have evolved over time, but none have diversified as widely or as rapidly as Dance music. The rise of Electronic instruments caused an explosion of ideas and democratised new forms of previously unexplored musical expression.

We have a rich musical tapestry of subtle flavours with something for everyone, but it’s easy to forget the journey we have followed to get to today, and the common roots which paved the way.

Below is a short interactive infographic, courtesy of Thomson, of the rapid evolution of Dance music over the last 100 years, showing the birth-places of most of the different genres. Alternatively, below is also a static high resolution image of the infographic if you want to study it in more detail.

It’s very informative and raises the tantalising question of “Where do we go from here?” No-one can be completely certain, but I’m looking forward to finding out!


Interactive Infographic

Evolution of Dance Music (Interactive)


Static Infographic

Evolution of Dance Music (Static)



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