House The House

Respected DJ and producer Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim is going to DJ at the House of Commons in Westminster, London on 6th March 2013.

This unique performance will be the first time that a DJ has ever performed there, and is in aid of the Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Foundation, which is aimed at encouraging 16-25-year-olds to get more involved in their communities through grassroot initiatives and to raise awareness for community music projects.

Fatboy Slim said: “I’ve played some exciting and unique places around the world from Bondi Beach to The Great Wall of China to an Igloo but playing in the House of Commons might be the most unique to date. I’m a proud supporter of Last Night A DJ Saved My Life and the work that it’s doing with House The House. Music is a huge part of my life and to give something back in this way is amazing.”

MP Mike Wetherly, who will be hosting the event, said: “House The House is giving young people the chance to have a voice, to be recognised for their endeavours and to engage with their communities to create change from the grassroots up. Last Night A DJ Saved My Life and House The House are great examples of what the whole music industry can achieve in an innovative way”.

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The LNADJ Foundation’s stated aim is to “demonstrate how people who love dance music can create positive changes in the world” and will “support international and local projects, organizations and charities that have links with the dance music community, and will aim to create lasting partnerships that benefit everyone involved.”

Sounds like a good cause and the Houses of Parliament gig is an interesting concept, if a bit gimmicky.

Now the important question is: What tracks should he play?