After the broadcasting the 228th and final episode of his ‘Intercity’ radioshow, Lange has started the next chapter in his broadcasting career. He has just launched a new radioshow called ‘Create‘ as part of his decision to “take things back to what got him into Dance music in the first place, but with a fresh twist.”

Here is a copy of his statement in full:

I know many of you were sad to see Intercity Radio end; it was nice to see it meant so much to so many of you but I hope that what I have in store will be something you will all get behind and enjoy.

I’ve been busy looking for a new path to take both in the studio and as a DJ since finishing ‘We Are Lucky People’ which was a huge personal project for me.

Recently I’ve been getting inspired by more underground sounds and I want to take things back to what got me into Dance music in the first place but with a fresh twist. I’m making music I feel passionate about again and that’s ultimately what it’s all about. “Formula None” and “Origin” were just the beginning of this new path and it feels the right time to pull everything together with a new radio show, record label, and sound from me.

The new show will be more varied from week to week; if I have an idea it will happen, you’ll get to hear more live shows, more guests, Rabbit hole mixes as well as a look back through the best tracks in dance history. You can tune in same time, same place on AHFM from next Wednesday, replay on Mixcloud and subscribe to the new podcast on iTunes.

My first release on the new label is on promo very soon and I’m excited to be working with Black Hole on this new venture, there’s so much new music in store for this year it’s a great feeling to know how much I have to share.

Lange Recordings will continue to grow; I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved so far and there’s now a great family of artists whom I get to release alongside. There’s some exciting news yet to be announced from that camp in the coming months.

This is an exciting time for me and I hope it will excite you all too. I would like to introduce Create.

– Lange

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