On July 1st we are launching our fabulous new VSA website! www.vsa-global.org


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Our Organisation has been developed by Artists for Artists. The VSA are working for the future of your music; to protect the rights of all present and future generations of music artists. We represent a reformation which calls for fairness, transparency and regulation in the music industry.

We’re very excited! This is not just a website, this is a vocalist songwriter focused magazine full of interviews with our vocalists on ‘Sirens’s Isle’ and chatting with fab producers in the ‘Hot Seat’. We are addressing many issues in the industry and promoting and supporting our fabulous VSA Vocalist Songwriters from all around the world. This is not just a magazine, this is a fully interactive information platform offering a clearer understanding of how to navigate the music industry professionally, safely and securely.

VSA Help Desk
VSA Help Desk

Visit our dedicated VSA Help Desk, where you can get all of your questions and issues answered. Get help from our VSA Legal team or download a VSA collaboration or performance contract to keep you fully protected in your work. Artists, the VSA are here to help you!.

Connect with us and your peers in our VSA Forum where you can affiliate with us and access our collaboration bulletin board.

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The VSA bring you transparency and a truly revealing insight into our world as vocalist songwriters. We will bring you the horror stories and the great successes.

The industry is changing, don’t get left behind. We are here to offer you support and information to create a global network of united creatives.

We hope you enjoy this website as much as we enjoyed making it!

See you there!

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Fighting for the underdog. Giving a voice to those who deserve to be heard. Equality. Dignity. Respect. These are some of the values at the core of TranceFixxed.

We all like to ‘talk-the-talk’ that we would stand up for what we believe in when given the chance. The VSA (Vocalist Songwriters Alliance) is giving you that chance.

Uniting vocalists, producers, record labels and fans from around the world to promote quality, fair play and respect; the VSA is driving real, positive change in the music industry. The new VSA website will be a secure platform, a reliable source of truth and a safe refuge for those caught in the storm of misinformation, mistrust and one-upmanship that is the current music industry we all simultaneously love and hate.

I use the word ‘current’ deliberately because it is constantly changing in so many different ways. Where there is change, there is opportunity, and TranceFixxed and the VSA are positioning ourselves to be at the forefront.

We share a common vision for the future, which is why TranceFixxed and the VSA will be increasingly working together over the coming months as affiliated partners.

The future is evolving. Will you come and join us?

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