No More Moor

Prolific Producer

Vincent de Moor is not a name mentioned in Trance circles very often any more, but at the turn of the millennium he was one of the biggest names in the industry. By 2000, he had already been producing music for 7 years and had a string of hits under his belt such as ‘Flowtation’, ‘Between 2 Fires’ and ‘Shamu’ and was about to release his most successful vocal single ‘Fly Away’.

His biggest ever release was his collaboration with fellow Dutch Trance icon Ferry Corsten to produce ‘Carte Blanche’ in 1999 under the alias ‘Veracocha’. Widely regarded as one of the best ever Trance classics ‘Carte Blanche’ has been remixed, copied and imitated but never bettered, and stands the test of time even now as a genre defining piece of art. (As an aside, Ferry claims that he came up with the melody by accident when improvising with the synthesizer in the studio, but this has never been corroborated.)

Man of Mystery

Part of the reason that Vincent isn’t still talked about in the same breath as the other big name artists of the time is that he shunned the limelight, rarely engaged with the press and never gave interviews. In recent years, DJ and producer ‘Angry Man’ has stirred up intrigue by veiling himself in secrecy, only performing wearing a hood and bandana to conceal his identity. This has been a very effective marketing ploy, which has gained him interest above and beyond that which his undoubted talents may have otherwise drawn. Vincent’s secrecy on the other hand was due to to a desire to keep his personal life private, which he has done very successfully. For example, if you search the Internet for information about Vincent (as I have) he has no discernible social media presence apart from a MySpace page, no official website and there are hardly any photographs of him at all, let alone any taken within the last 10 years.

Today, an artist must have an active online presence to promote their name and get heard in the crowded music marketplace. 15 years ago, it was still possible for an artist to make their name based on the quality of their music alone while remaining out of the public eye. It is perhaps not a surprise therefore, that with the rising demands put on artists Vincent stepped back into the shadows around 2008, and almost nothing has been heard from him since.

We want Moor!

The lack of information from him and about him has meant some fans have been left with unanswered questions, and TranceFixxed was asked recently to attempt to contact Vincent to see if he would be prepared to finally break his silence.

After a few dead ends, I spoke to someone from the record label ‘Cloud 9 Dance‘. They used to operate the sub-label ‘More Moor’, which was described as “dedicated to Vincent de Moor Trance classics remixes by next generation Trance producers.” I asked if he could enquire on my behalf if Vincent was still active in the music scene and if he would like the opportunity to do a retrospective interview looking back at his career to provide some closure for himself and his fans. The response I received was as follows:

” I checked this with Vincent and he’s not interested in doing any interviews. He’s no longer active in the music industry, but he enjoys the fact that people are still into his music though! “

So unfortunately, it would appear that there really will be ‘no more Moor’ and that this reserved and revered figure will continue to remain an enigma.

To close, I will finish with 2 of his tracks which I think are worthy of your attention. The first is the classic ‘Carte Blanche’ which surely needs no further introduction. The second is a track called ‘Seabird’, originally released as a B-Side on his 2004 ‘Energy Reflect’ EP (YAK002) which is one of my personal favourites. A hypnotically intense track, it has an unusual woodwind instrument / distorted vocal melody.


Veracocha ‎– Carte Blanche (1999)

Flashbang – Seabird (2004)


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