Slusnik Luna


Finish duo Niko Nyman and Nicklas Renqvist have been producing melodic Trance, Progressive House and chilled out beats under their ‘Slusnik Luna‘ alias since 1994, and are best known for their worldwide hit ‘Sun‘ released in 2000 which was heavily supported by DJ Orkidea and Pete Tong. They have always favoured quality over quantity, as they told Anjunabeats in an interview in 2011:

” We are VERY critical and quality-conscious, it’s a bit kraftwerkian at times. Also, we all have heard enough crappy tracks in our lives, literally thousands, that we don’t want to offend and violate our prospective fans. If you don’t give your 100%, why should they? To be honest, we’ve got literally dozens of track ideas in our Logic folders, but unfortunately the time’s not on our side. “

In 2011, Slusnik Luna re-released ‘Sun’ with an updated Original Mix and new remixes from Joonas Hahmo and others, but since then they have been extremely quiet.

So when TranceFixxed spoke to Niko Nyman briefly online recently, we simply had to ask what the future held for Slusnik Luna:

TranceFixxed: Are you still producing music? If so, do you have any plans for Slusnik Luna (or under any other alias) for 2014?

Niko: “No, we’re not producing music anymore, but you never know what the future holds. :)”

TranceFixxed: Are you still involved in the music scene at all (DJing, promoting other artists, record label etc) ?

Niko: “Sorry, we don’t have any plans (to produce music) for the future, and are not actively involved in the music scene.”

So has the ‘Sun’ finally set on Slusnik Luna? Unless Niko and Nicklas have a sudden change of heart, it would sadly appear so.

Au reviour, it’s been a pleasure!




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