TranceFixxed Enter the Future
(DJ Energy)

Considering how much we all listen to music every day, it is shocking how little we discuss it. We all have different tastes and everyone has an artist, album or song that is especially important to them. We know what we like, but because we find it hard to articulate precisely why we love certain music so much, it seems that we rarely bother to try. On the few occasions that we do discuss music, it is normally very black and white – ‘I love it’ or ‘I hate it’.

In My Opinion (Orjan Nilsen)

Listening to music is a shared experience. Unless you’re the person making the music in a room on your own, the chances are that what you are listening to has been heard thousands of times already by people all around the world. Out of those fellow listeners, there will be indifference but also some strong opinions. Don’t you want to know what those opinions are and to share your opinions with people who are actually interested about the music that you love and hate?

(Get ready for) The Launch (DJ Jean)

There is so much great new music being released every day, and yet it’s hard to find out much about a lot of it from sources other than the promotional marketing material. When I listen to new music, I will usually go online to see what other people think about it. At best I will find some newspaper or professional blogger reviews, but normally all you see is mindless YouTube comments.

Which is why I am launching TranceFixxed: to share the love. To share my passion for the music in my life, new and old, and to start the discussions that no-one else is having.

“I love this song and this is why!” “I have found this great new artist!” “This album is a major disappointment!”

I don’t intend on reinventing the wheel, so TranceFixxed will also be sharing (and attributing) content and information from other websites that I think is worth a read.

The Next Best Thing (Benjamin Bates)

My aim? To create a social music hub containing all the news, reviews, information, pictures, music videos, polls, freebies, opinions and general banter that I as a music lover would want to bookmark and visit regularly.

Ambitious? Hugely, but I’ve got to start Somewhere! (Markus Schulz Presents Elevation)