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Artists produce music; fans and critics share their opinions. But what about the artists’ perspectives?

TranceFixxed is the voice of UK Trance and Progressive, a platform from which artists’ opinions can be heard.

Read, share and discuss: music from a fresh, different perspective.

John 00 Fleming Official Blog

Extended Sets

For John, becoming a DJ was a natural progression from being a music collector. Extended sets are his specialty which he intends to do more of in 2018, starting in London in February.

Whats in a Name? Mr 00

John answers the 00 question, and his connection with James Bond.

The Power of Music

Following the recent passing of Robert Miles, John shares the meaning of 'Children' and the power of music with meaning.

The Forgotten Role of a DJ

The differences between Producer and DJ have become blurred. John explains how an authentic DJ still has an important role to play.

Music Backstories

  • Jaytech - Awakening

Jaytech – ‘Awakening’ Album Backstory

Jaytech explains the backstory for his third album 'Awakening', released November 2015 on Positronic, and shares the digital art inspiration for some of the tracks.

  • Andy Duguid feat. Jaren - '7even'

Andy Duguid feat. Jaren – ‘7even’ Backstory

Read the backstory then watch the video to Andy Duguid and Jaren's emotive '7even' from Andy's 2013 album 'On The Edge'

  • Airwave - Bright Lines

Airwave – ‘Bright Lines’: The Stories Behind the Album

Airwave introduces the tracks and the artists he collaborated with for his album Bright Lines, released in 2012 on JOOF Recordings.

Airwave Talks Trance

Laurent the Cook

Airwave compares making music to being a cook, selling food and explains why we all want an audio MacDo every once in a while.

The Pain of Making Music

Laurent Veronnez shares the pain of fighting the doubts and overcoming a creative block with the production of his latest Airwave record.

Airwave is not by Airwave

Airwave discusses his most famous track: 'Rank 1'

Passion & Perspective

Laurent shares his passion for making music and his more recent perspective about his musical legacy.

Marcie Presents Behind The Lyric
  • Behind The Lyric – Episode 36
  • Behind The Lyric Episode 35
  • Behind The Lyric Episode 34
  • Behind The Lyric Episode 33
  • Behind The Lyric Episode 32
  • Behind The Lyric Episode 31


  • deadmau5 Live

deadmau5: “This is what I don’t get about these f**king CD playing dips**ts!”

deadmau5 takes aim and rips into high profile DJs who are little more than "animated CD players" - CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE.

  • Gareth Emery DJing

Gareth Emery: The Artist Before Me Left the Stage Early Saying “We Don’t Have Any More Music”

Gareth laments the current trend for shorter sets and talks about his 'Electric For Life' tour starting in November 2015.

  • Berlin Studio Bunker

Jaytech: Lessons Learned in the Berlin Studio Bunker of Love

Australian Progressive House supremo JAYTECH shares some music production tips and insights from his sonic experiments in the 'Berlin Studio Bunker of Love'.

  • Accept bribe picture

Chris Hampshire: “Chart Rigging is Rife in the Dance Music Industry”

DJ, producer and Managing Director of Recoverworld Label Group CHRIS HAMPSHIRE shares his forthright views on 'chart rigging' in the Dance Music industry.

  • Scottish Independence Referendum

Scottish DJs Have Their Say on the Independence Referendum

DJs KEITH MCIVOR (JD Twitch) and MARK SHERRY share their thoughts on the upcoming Scottish Independence Referendum.

  • Depression

Paul Thomas: The Reality of Depression

DJ, producer and label owner of UltraViolet Music PAUL THOMAS highlights the reality of Depression in the Electronic Music industry.

  • Sell Out

Kaskade: “There’s no such thing as a sellout”

Grammy Award nominated artist KASKADE explains why he believes that there is no such thing as a 'sellout', just people showing their true colours.


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