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John 00 Fleming Official Blog

Extended Sets

For John, becoming a DJ was a natural progression from being a music collector. Extended sets are his specialty which he intends to do more of in 2018, starting in London in February.

The Power of Music

Following the recent passing of Robert Miles, John shares the meaning of 'Children' and the power of music with meaning.

The Forgotten Role of a DJ

The differences between Producer and DJ have become blurred. John explains how an authentic DJ still has an important role to play.

Music Backstories

Airwave Talks Trance

Laurent the Cook

Airwave compares making music to being a cook, selling food and explains why we all want an audio MacDo every once in a while.

The Pain of Making Music

Laurent Veronnez shares the pain of fighting the doubts and overcoming a creative block with the production of his latest Airwave record.

Passion & Perspective

Laurent shares his passion for making music and his more recent perspective about his musical legacy.

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