It is always a true honor to see the return of not only one of the most gifted producers to have ever released on ESM, but also one of the most gifted that Seattle has to offer – Jallen. Having a truly admirable release history with us, all the way down to his very first label signing, we’ve always had a very high respect for the time and patience that this gifted talent puts into each of his productions…and this new single is yet another shining example of the magnificent results that come from this artist and the time he devotes to his craft.

‘Venture’ is in our opinion a perfect journey from beginning to end, with each layer continuing to pluck the chords of our hearts, the luscious vocals and mesmerizing strings mixed with the incredible bass and atmosphere truly culminate to one of the most impactful pieces we’ve heard to date from this unforgettable artist. But as always, we have a bit more to offer to help sweeten the deal even further.

On remix duties we are incredibly proud to see the return of progressive legend LTN, as well as ESM veteran Andrew Lang and last but certainly not least new rising core artist Makaseo, who each have delivered such truly diverse and remarkable remixes that we truly could not pick a favorite even if we tried. One thing is for certain though, this release is one of the most diverse we have seen to date here and couldn’t be more proud of the end results collectively.

– Elliptical Sun Melodies

Progressive wunderkind Louis Tan aka LTN keeps the beats coming this spring with a new remix for Jallen and Elliptical Sun Melodies. Out today on Beatport, LTN’s version of “Venture” enhances the acoustic elements of the track, keeping heavy on the piano keys and strumming guitar for an ethereal downtempo trip
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01.Veture (Original Mix)7:52
02.Veture (LTN Remix)7:01
03.Veture (Makaseo Remix)6:30
04Veture (Andrew Lang Remix)6:00

Our Rating

97 %


Released:2nd March 2016
Genre:Progressive House
Label:Elliptical Sun Melodies
Catalog No:ESM198


Jallen - Venture (LTN Remix)

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