New on the In Trance We Trust imprint is this release by Skylex. ‘Generation Trance’ will certainly blast from your speakers thanks to its energizing rhythm and anthemic elements. Trance lovers unite!

– Black Hole Recordings

One of the biggest trance labels in the history of the genre is back in full effect. The In Trance We Trust party at ADE is definitely one of the highlights of this year’s conference with many trancers enjoying themselves and feeling the energy rush from head to toe. One of the tracks that was played and got amazing reactions was Generation Trance by Skylex. Fat bouncy metallic drums, energetic driving basslines, acid overtones, euphoric synthy hooks and superb vocal sample in the breakdown that make you wonder and travel to faraway places. The teasing long breakdown leads to the classic drum roll that of course is followed by the massive hands in the air euphoric feel good optimistic and super positive climax that is fast and furious without doubts. If trance is all about emotion and escapism this top track has what you need for sure.
Dimitri Kechagias, Flux BPM Online
Better to have a short life that is full of what you like doing than a long life spent in a miserable way. How would you really enjoy spending your life? What makes you itch? What do you desire?
Alan Watts (Audio sampled in 'Generation Trance')


01.Generation Trance (Original Mix)6:20

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97 %


Released:26th October 2015
Label:In Trance We Trust
Catalog No:ITWT6710


Skylex - Generation Trance

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