Afrojack feat. Eva Simons - Take Over Control (Extended Vocal Mix)

Afrojack feat. Eva Simons – Take Over Control (Extended Vocal Mix)

Released: October 2010
Genre: Electro House
Label: Tiger Records
Catalog No: TIGER247

Fabulous and filthy Electro House with killer vocals. Raunchy, over the top and a lot of fun, this is guaranteed to keep you dancing well into the night.

For people who like big hair, skimpy clothes and dancing in the desert, here’s the radio edit official music video:


7.5 / 10



What Others Are Saying

DJ Ron Slomowicz at “Afrojack does some incredible style meshing on “Take Over Control”, switching from progressive vocal house to the Dirty Dutch sound that is doing so well these days. Simons’ voice translates well over both as Afrojack also manages to mesh the two sounds together towards the end of the track rather than keeping the two ideas entirely separate. So truly, “Take Over Control” is the best of both flavors, and with any justice, will light the dance floor on fire.” “Take Over Control” seems to be an ode to power bottoming or something (“Just wanna fulfill your needs while you taking over me / So what do you want now?”), is a full-on raunch fest of dirty synthesizers and smashing beats. “Plug it in and turn me on,” Simon sings before the song’s most fabulous and filthy beat drop. Naughty goodness!

The video is kind of like a cross between District 9 and the bus scene in Jeepers Creepers II featuring sexy cheerleaders rummaging through heaps of junk metal (with dance breaks in between). Therefore, it is mostly amazing.” “Take Over Control has a massive melody and some hard electro beats, its unstoppable! I could listen to that melody all day.”