Airscape - Endless Forever

Airscape – Endless Forever

Released: January 2013
Genre: Trance
Label: Black Hole Recordings
Catalog No: BH5100

01. Airscape – Endless Forever (Original Mix)


Johan Gielen has resurrected his Airscape alias following a 4 year hiatus with Endless Forever, and it was well worth the wait!

The Original Mix is a light and cheerful breath of fresh air to banish those lingering winter blues. Piano chords and a simple, pleasant melody dance nimbly creating a warm and chirpy summer vibe.


7.5 / 10


02. Airscape – Endless Forever (Three Drives Remix)


The Three Drives Remix is a slow burner that builds up to a graceful atmospheric breakdown. The beat then kicks back in unleashing a synth laden anthemic chorus flooding your senses.

Compelling, Pure Trance reminiscent of some of the classic trance anthems of yesteryear.


8 / 10


What Others Are Saying

Promotional Info: “Johan Gielen’s trance project Airscape presents the single “Endless Forever” on the Black Hole imprint. This brand new release announces the comeback of Airscape, with a planned album release slated for autumn 2013. “Endless Forever” focuses strongly on an almost story telling arrangement. The track features exhilarating harmonies with subtle, classic elements, all the while staying well within the spheres of trance on the ISOS tip. The Three Drives grandmasters were assigned for the remix, delivering a rendition that adds a sharper, techy edge to the original. “Endless Forever” is Airscape at its best.”


Mixmag Review: April 2013 Tune of the Month
Airscape - Endless Forever: Mixmag Review


Flux BPM “One of the best ways to start the new year is of course the great news that the beloved trance project Airscape is back and will deliver a whole new album on Black Hole recordings. The legendary project starts its new stunning journey with the beautiful Endless Forever. The main element of this balearic summery trancer is the warm feel good piano melody that runs through the whole track and creates that feeling of reassurance and relaxation. You dance along with it but at the same time you feel calm and carried away in its cinematic soundscape. Pure trance perfection that is simple and straight to the point without the need to overloaded with effects and flamboyant sound gimmicks. It sounds already like a classic trancer in my ears. The best way to support this release is to handle the remix on one of the most beloved trance projects Three Drives who really do their best to impress and deliver a stunning version that pushes the track to the prime time slot of your dj set. Peak time club burner that has the techy clubby edge we like. It starts quite minimal but after the long atmospheric breakdown is transformed into a massive hands in the air hymn that will become the favourite for many. Real pure trance sound of the finest quality! Love iT!”