Michael Badal & Shanokee - Blue Skies

Michael Badal returns with Shanokee for the rhapsodic vocal track entitled ‘Blue Skies’, soon to be unwrapped on the 22nd of December 2014. This beautiful single is the first instalment of a handful of singles ensuing from the forthcoming album ‘Now That We’re Human’, released by the illustrious Black Hole Recordings label in April 2015.

After speaking to Michael recently in an exclusive live interview, this is what he had to say about the upcoming album:

“It took me five years to fully complete the album from start to finish. From the first note played to the last track mastered. I had the pleasure of collaborating with some of my all-time favourite songwriters including Plumb, Jan Johnston, Tiff Lacey, Ellie Lawson, Sue McLaren, Shanokee, Lotte Kestner, as well as new faces like Kelly Sweet and Zoe Sky Jordan. It’s very much a songwriter’s album and I’m so proud of it.

During the making of the album, I really got to hone in on my vocal production skills which included the mix. Both Matt Lange and Kerry Leva kind of held my hand through much of that process until I was able to stand on my own. But on the deeper side of it, making the album really helped me get out of that mindset of pleasing someone else with my work and primarily focus on pleasing myself.”

The first single could not come at a better time, especially as the winter months descend upon us. Blue Skies gives us a sweet taster of the summer months with invigorating synths, that lend an endearing hand to the emotionally bound vocals and engrossing grooves.

Michael completes this bonny package, with a remix from Joe Garrett known to most as Temple One. The ambition is clear from the first few notes, to deliver a club floor banger, and he most certainly does. Temple One commandeers the best of the components from the original, assembles a prosperous layered depth, tweaks the pace little by little, and embellishes the emotion which helps to make the vocal sparkle, clutch, and sooth the listener.

‘Blue Skies’ has already gathered heavy support from both Paul Van Dyk and Armin Van Buuren, and will undoubtedly accumulate a lot more over the coming months. Why? ‘Blue Skies’ capitulates everything you want from a progressive trance vocal, a feel-good mood, seizing vocals, and enough incentive to embrace the dance floor with devotion. A great ear-filling tune that sets the tone of things to come.

As stated by Michael: “You should also expect to hear my collaborations with Ellie Lawson in February 2015, and Kelly Sweet the month after that. So, you’ll be hit with much of the new material in the coming weeks.”


Released:22nd December 2014
Genre:Progressive Trance
Label:Black Hole Recordings
Catalog No:BH6840

Our Rating

9.5 / 10

Michael Badal & Shanokee – Blue Skies (Official Music Video)