Pete Heller - Big Love (Eat Me Edit)

Pete Heller – Big Love (Eat Me Edit)

Released: 1999
Genre: House
Label: London Records
Catalog No: 3984-27605-2

Classic groovy House that makes you want to dance! Beautifully samples Stargard’s 1979 Disco record ‘Wear It Out’ with a funky rhythm like no other.

Note – The below video is an extended 10 minute version of the Eat Me Edit (which I have not been able to track down on CD / mp3 from anywhere) so is twice as much grooviness to listen to. Enjoy!


7.5 / 10



What Others Are Saying

‘swar76’ at “This release of “Pete Heller” is without a doubt my all time favourite release. Why? It is a song that directs you towards the dancefloor, provides clubby sounds and has a dreamy sound. A floor filler pur sang.

“Big Love” is one of the greatest house releases and is still part of many great dj’s standard reportoire. This song has been recently spiced up by “Dimitri from Paris” who added vocals of “D-trains” “You’re the one for me”. A timeless release which once more proves that this is a masterpiece.

The fruity sounds and sirens at the end make you beg for more.”