The Thrillseekers - This Is All We Have

I think we all have a special song or album which is particularly important to us on a personal level, that we associate with a memorable event. So what happens when you use that emotion, of a deeply personal momentous occasion, and channel it into creating a piece of music?

Steve Helstrip, aka The Thrillseekers, lost his father at the start of the year and he wrote a piano piece specifically for his father’s funeral. Over the following months, he lovingly and carefully adapted the melody, introducing summery Balearic guitars and a haunting vocal to create his latest production: ‘This Is All We Have’

‘This’ may be all we have, but what a thing of beauty it is! The emotion transcends the speakers, grabbing your attention, not by the throat with a thundering bassline, but as a warm embrace, caressing your senses. Sometimes an instrumental track can speak with a wider vocabulary than sung or spoken words ever could.

‘This Is All We Have’ is a fitting tribute to Steve’s father and eloquently says everything that words cannot.

The original and radio edit will be available from Beatport from 28th July onwards, with additional remixes to follow in August 2014.


Released:28th July 2014
Label:Adjusted Music
Catalog No:ADJ025

Our Rating

8.5 / 10

Steve has said that ‘This Is All We Have’ is his “favourite track since Synaesthesia.”

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The Thrillseekers – This Is All We Have (Radio Edit)